In 2018 is celebrated the 110 Years of Japanese Immigration in Brazil. Studio Nnoka, Japas Cervejaria, and the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound (MIS SP) worked together to launch Kurafuto: the country's first contemporary Japanese-Brazilian event. Kurafuto is about celebrating Japanese culture and miscegenation with the descendants who inherited the culture of their ancestors and use it as inspiration to create their own handcrafted products in an innovative way.

I collaborated with Japas Cervejaria documenting the Furuya, Kitaguchi, Mitsuiki and Sakaguti families, all of them harvesting japanese fruits on Brazilian soil, and were inspirations for brewing beers with oriental influences. The project was developed by Studio Nnoka, with MIS SP co-organization, Japas Cervejaria creative direction, and Lucas Hashimot photographic assistance.

IKIRU - Nipo-Brazilians Tribute

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