How I Got the Shot: Credeli Plus Campaign

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"Credeli Plus Superpode" is a campaign for Elanco Pets Brasil with Rodrigo Hilbert and a cute dog called Kawaii, commissioned by Bamboo & Co. agency.

My time with the Rodrigo was limited because the set was shared with the film production IMG Content. When the layout for the campaign was approved, I worked on the pre production for the shot list we agreed upon — it was basically 4 different shots. A lot can go wrong in a commercial environment, so I really don't like to overcomplicate things. But I didn't feel comfortable using the same lightning for all shots. I was asked to build a portable studio in the set and composite the background later in post production. Lighting is crucial for everything blending seamlessly in the final image. I decided to have two assistants to help me with quickly changing the lighting set ups I have previously thought of. Best practice in this scenario is to work on the shoot timeline and have everything OK to focus on directing the talent since the expression and mood of the campaign is key.

In the two day shooting, only one day with the Rodrigo — the first day was for shooting the dog and outside areas. This was also important because I had some plates to use in the backgrounds later.

Lightning: 2 Profoto B10 Plus 500W, Profoto Air Remote, 2x2 scrim, Profoto octabox, profoto strip, reflector.. Camera: Sony A7R IV, 24-70 f/2.8.
Settings: 1/125, f/8 & ISO 100.

Rodrigo Hilbert - Credeli Plus. São Paulo/SP, Brazil - 2023.
Rodrigo Hilbert - Credeli Plus. São Paulo/SP, Brazil - 2023.

I got this shot placing a strip with a grid on the top left to mimic a sun back light. For the main light I wen with a big octabox to enhance the scene like a daylight in the park. I wanted shadows — but not so deep — thus I used a reflector on the right and a scrim on my back just to add a little fill. We also put the dog on an apple box to be on a more balanced height as the talent, which worked pretty well. I went with 24mm for the "selfie effect".

Lighting Diagram

I got this shot placing a strip with a grid on oposite side of the key, on the right as a rim light. For the main light I wen with a big octabox to enhance the scene like a daylight in the park like the previous shot, but positioned more dramatic on the side. Again, just a reflector to fill out the shadows (closer this time), and a scrim for the overall scene. I chose 35mm to have more of the environment, but not much distortion.

Lighting Diagram

I got this shot with a simple but effective setup: big feathered softbox on the right and just a black reflector to add a more shadow and contrast on the left. The scrim behind me just added a little more details on the shadow like on the other setups. For this one, the 70mm was used for a more compressed image.

Lighting Diagram

The final film for the campaign:


Client: Elanco Saúde Animal

Marketing Executive : Alessandro Orsolini

Agency: Bamboo & Co.

Strategy Director: Ricardo Chamma

Planner: Ivan Moreira

Creative Director: Marcelo Greco

Art Director: Marcílio Tablas

Copywriter: Diego Primo

Account Manager: Aline Bello

First assistant: Samuel Kim

Second assistant: Ethianne Ferreira

Rent equipaments: 3T Locadora

Pet Trainer: Laerte

Pet talent: Kawaii

Film production: IMG Content

Account Manager Director: Alexandre Mastorillo

Film production AD: Thiago Cusack

Production Director: Gustavo Michelin

Executive Director: José Carlos Lage

Casting (pets): Pet Model Brasil

Stylist: Rodrigo Grunfeld

Artist Agent: Thatiana Cayres/Mel Mesquita

Make Up (Beauty): Fabinho Araújo