Hello World

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Welcome to my blog. Here I'll share a little bit of everything: thoughts on photography, hacks, test shoots, behind the scene stuff, projects breakdowns and even some kind of gear review I guess. Maybe some music, books and movies recommendations, but I'm not sure about these yet…

Even though other social media platforms such TikTok and Instagram may sound more strategic as an online presence nowadays; Personally, I feel like the blog is more suited to me… I like the idea of somehow not feeling the pressure when creating content. It was a huge change when Meta announced the shift to recommendation media, it was the end of social media as we knew. The truth is we are all struggling to keep up with these advancements in tech, platforms are not transparent about their algorithms — which doesn't help at all.

"Whereas in social media, people see content from their friends regardless of the quality of the content, in recommendation media, content distribution is optimized for engagement."

I’ve had a blog a few years ago, but it didn’t work too well for me at that time. Deep down I don’t think I was excited enough about it; I decided to make it because I heard it was good for SEO raking and things like that — not a good motivation. Honestly, I wanted to be more productive and I was more keen on it for practical reasons than having a creative outlet to share my ideas, interests and work. It’s hard to find balance in a world with a cult for individual achievement, like South Korean-born philosopher Byung-Chul Han idea on the Burnout Society book.

"Rather than see ourselves as the fast-moving entrepreneurs of our own lives, perhaps as Nietzsche recommended we might instead style ourselves as the thoughtful, perceptive poets of our own lives."

This blog is supposed to be the center of my ideas related to photography and the world in general. I'm not sure if I will be able to keep it constantly updated, but since my approach is now more purposely, things may work out better this time. So let's try it again.