Box Pitty ACNXX (Admirável Chip Novo 20 Anos)

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Images created for the project celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pitty's album Admirável Chip Novo.

The ACNXX Box, special and limited edition, contains the LPs “Admirável Chip Novo”, “Espelhos – Versões Completas de Admirável Vídeo Novo”, Admirável Chip Novo (Re)activado — with versions by guest artists. In addition to a moleskine with texts from “O Boteco” and Pitty’s diaries written on her blog in 2003/2004. The cover and graphic design are signed by Renan Gago.


Art Direction and Design: Renan Gago

Photography: Bruno Fujii

Original Arts and Logo "Admirável Chip Novo": Mate Lelo

A&R: João Augusto e Rafael Ramos

Project Production Coordination: Bruno Pegos e Tatiana Horácio

Rights and Repertoire: Linda Figueira (Ensintonia Licenciamentos)

Press Agency: Piky Candeias (Piky Comunicação)